Local Food: "A Source to be Preserved"

This expert procedure is a follow-up on the content of the 2015 EXPO: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The procedure for specialized experts to present their intellectual vision and consensus on the topic of local food culture.

Chill-food: Children and food

The potential interest of younger generations in the local food instead of imported food has the possibility to allow a nation to thrive in its infrastructure, while simultaneously making the food cheaper and more widely available.

Bio is cheap

Experts reveal how a bio lifestyle can be cheap, while enriching the body. Additionally, they discuss the effects that bio food has on the state of an individual's physical and mental health.

The Art of Being an Island

The island is evaluated in different areas, which are defined by the participating expert groups. These areas include, but are not limited to: geographic orientation, economic status, tourism, food, services, nature, and infrastructure.

ADHD as a strength

The power and strength of ADHD, and how to see it as a quality of the individual instead of as a disease.

Authentic women

Women who follow their passion are successful in creating.